County Motorsports - Out 3, 500.00 bucks

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I saved and saved for an ATV. When it was delivered the bat. was dead and when I replaced it it still wouldn't start. So after 4 attempts at bike shops and it still wasn't working, I gave up. Oh fyi all of the repair expenses was paid for by myself.

So After about 30 to 40 emails,phone calls went unanswered I realized I just bought a very expensive chair to sit on.

I am a single mom and saved for 3 years, to have this happen to me is heartbreaking.

I am trying to get together a class action lawsuit and get these guys put in jail. The are hundreds of people that have been taken by these guys.

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Monetary Loss: $3.

County Motorsports is Horrible

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I purchased a roketa 50cc from I thought it all looked legit.

I was way off. it took 4 to 5 weeks to get my scooter and i live in California.

I chose my two colors yellow or blue and got black. ok what ever. then filled out the title request it's been almost another 4 weeks and still no title.

As far as I know a "dealer" can not sell a vehicle of any kind with out proper paper work i.e registration or title.

They do not return calls or e-mails, unless you count the auto respond e-mail which says nothing. They are a horrible company that doesn't know what, or give customer service, is. I do not reccomend using this company for any thing unless you want to blow a grand or so for nothing. I can't even sell the crapy thing now.

Wheres the help County Motorsports huh?

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Monetary Loss: $900.

County Motorsports didn't return calls after I purchased

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At the end of May 2008, I ordered online a Roketa 250cc Touring Scooter from County Motorsports LLC, 727 Clovis Avenue, Clovis, CA 93612. I placed the order at

Due to limited supply, I had to provide two color choices. When I saw the scooter was ready to ship, I emailed them to see if they could tell me which color I got so that I could order a matching helmet. They never responded. No big deal.

When I checked back and saw the scooter had shipped, I wanted to know what preparations I should make since I was having this delivered to my office location and would ride it home. I assumed it would need gas but would it need oil or any other fluids before I could ride it? I could not find the answer on the website so I emailed them. No response. I called and got a reception who transferred me to voice mail. No response. I called again a different day and just had to leave a message. No response. I emailed the technical department. No response. By that time, the scooter had arrived and I had to "wing it" as the owner's manual was the worse I've ever tried to follow.

I also was looking for my title since it was supposed to go out right after I submitted my request--which was the day after the scooter arrived. A couple of weeks went by and I didn't get it. I emailed to see if they had even got the request and got no response to that. It finally showed up in time for me to sign it up to the new buyer.

I hope the new buyer has better luck than I did. Maybe they are more self-sufficient and won't have any questions because they won't get ANY customer service if they have my experience.

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Monetary Loss: $2338.



FWIW, they are affiliated with a company called "Buggy World" also in the San Diego area, which is BBB A+. Phone numbers to talk to someone.

(619) 258-8770

(760) 723-0854

I've filed my complaint with them, seem to be getting results.

Wonder why I don't research companies before I place the order. Also kind of wonder why people on these websites can't spell or form coherent sentences...


talk about junk this place should go straight to *** no call backs won't fix your problem . says american vet.

says that to rob you blind don't buy.. you would really be sorry.


the worst china junk i have ever seen don't buy they will not help you.

County Motorsports never responded to my questions

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In May 2008, I purchased a 250cc gas scooter from, aka, County Motorsports.

When placing the order, I was asked to choose two colors due to limited availability. When my order history showed shipment, I emailed the company to find out which color was shipped so I could purchase a helmet in the same color. I never got a response but didn't feel it was a big deal.

When I learned my scooter was on the way, I called them and got a receptionist and asked to speak to someone who could give me some instructions as the shipment was coming to my office in town and I would need to be able to ride the scooter home.

I assumed it would need gas but needed to know if it would also need oil and other fluids after I hooked up the battery, attached the mirrors, etc. The receptionist said the person I needed in the technical department was unavailable and took a message with my name and number. I never got a call.

I also called the technical department directly and had to leave a message. I made no fewer than 4 calls and left messages that were never returned.

The voice mail message recommended email since it was their "busy season" so I also emailed several times and got no reply.

I also applied online for the title the day after the scooter arrived and I had the necessary information. It was a couple of weeks before I got the title in the mail even though it was to be mailed out the same week. I had emailed to make sure that my title request was received because sometimes there is a glitch but no one ever responded.

I finally broke down and called the "new sales" line because I figured they would answer if anyone would. The gentleman was very nice but didn't have customer records and said he would email someone for me. I did end up getting the title which I needed because I had someone who wanted to buy the scooter.

I only put 25 miles on it but was just tired of the frustration. Having never owned a scooter or a motorcycle, I needed more support than the very limited owner's manual provided. I just felt like I would never be happy with it.

What good is a year long warranty if no one will speak to you? I thought I was purchasing customer service along with the scooter but, after my order was received online, I got no service other my credit card being charged and my title being mailed out.

Anyway, I hope the new owners are very happy with it and self-sufficient because they won't be getting assistance from County Motorsports unless they have better luck than I did. I really hope it was a one-time occurence.

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i got scamed....i bought a peice of junk from them...can not get any phone not give your hard earned money to these people..i am stuck with a 2000 dollar hunk of off

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